FreeBSD equivalent to DRBD

bsd at bsd at
Sun Jun 18 08:21:56 UTC 2006

> bsd at schrieb:
>> It look like ggated + geom will do at least part of the job. Setting up
>> the raid part looks fairly straight forward, the question is howto
>> manage
>> the swop aspect, ie machine a primary to machine b primary. I guess it
>> is
>> shutdown geom + gated and starting them on the the other machine. I
>> don't
>> see any way of doing this though. Perhaps I'm missing something.
>> The exporting the drive via NFS and swopping under haertbeat looks ok
>> to.
>> It is just the gom + ggated aspect I am not sure about.
> I think ggated and gmirror won't satisfy you because I'd like to call
> ggated experimental. Furthermore it is not intended for those tasks,
> because it is kept very simple. A better scenario for the current
> implementation of ggated is to mount a remote CD filesystem locally.
> If you really need DRBD then stay with DRDB and linux.
> Björn


I have a setup using heartbeat and Freebsd which uses rsync to keep the
drives in step. The only problem is that rsynce is run as a cron job which
makes balancing the Cron Invervals with the run time of rsync a bit hit
and miss.

Having read up more on ggated, I may try it on some spare machines and
drives I have lying around. I take your point about it being expermential
though but as I see it it is about the only thing I need that FreeBSD is
week on. ISTR GEOM Started that way too. Perhaps it is something I can
help FreeBSD with so I can give something back.


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