Cvsup into NFS mounted directory problem

Denny White dennyboy at
Sun Jun 18 02:25:35 UTC 2006

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> Denny White <dennyboy at> writes:
>> Over on my old windoze xp box, I've got a program called
>> cvsnt. I wanted to see if I could update the source dir
>> over there by mounting the dir here locally, then running
>> cvsup to put everything there, before unmounting it. Then,
>> use cvsnt for a local network source repository server.
>> Cvsup does fine on the remotely mounted nfs dir until I
>> get to this:
>> Updater failed: Cannot install "/home/mydir/cvsdir/src/contrib/
>> libreadline/#cvs.cvsup-91834.13672" to
>> "/home/mydir/cvsdir/src/contrib/libreadline/ChangeLog,v":
>> Permission denied
>> Command to mount the remote windows directory:
>> mount -w -t nfs remotebox:cvsdir /home/mydir/cvsdir
>> I've done everything with the local & remote dirs except put
>> them on eBay. :-) Chmoded them to 777 & still get the same
>> message. Wouldn't doubt if it's something very simple I'm
>> just overlooking. I was wondering if maybe it has something
>> to do with my cvsup usage & not the dir/file permissions.
>> Here's the supfile being used:
>> #
>> *default
>> *default base=/home/mydir/cvsdir
>> *default prefix=/home/mydir/cvsdir
>> *default release=cvs
>> *default delete use-rel-suffix
>> *default compress
>> src-all
>> ports-all tag=.
>> doc-all tag=.
>> www
>> cvsroot-all
>> #
>> As can be seen above, the delete is pretty standard & what
>> I use everywhere else locally:
>> *default delete use-rel-suffix
>> Thanks for any help, advice, new hair to replace what I've
>> pulled out, etc.

Today Lowell Gilbert wrote:

> Sorry; I don't have enough hair to spare. ;-)
> What may be happening here is that cvsup itself is trying to change
> the permissions to match the repository it updates from.  In that
> case, problems from the underlying filesystem (which, I gather,
> is ntfs, and doesn't support full privileges of NFS) might result in
> errors.  Maybe you could try setting the filesystem ownership to the
> user you run cvsup as?

Thanks for the reply. That was how I started it out to begin with.
Uid's match, keys, everything. The user doing the cvs to the nfs
share is doing it to a folder he owns on the winxp box. But, that
being said, I've finally got cvs working from cygwin there, now.
The only reason I can come up with for it not working properly
before is, I didn't have rsa keys generated in my home dir on
the winxp box. I generated the keys & got them around the lan
into all the authorized_keys files in order to be able to do
unattended rsync backups from my crontabs on each box. So now,
the backups are working & so is cvs on windows. Miracles never
cease! :-) Thanks again for answering, Lowell.

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