Getting NTP (ntpd, ntpdate) to work

Charles Bacon crtb at
Sun Jun 18 01:31:43 UTC 2006

Since FreeBSD 4.5-Release, I have been unable to get NTP working on
my two FreeBSD computers, one running 5.3Release and the other on
6.1Release.  I have done nothing with the GENERIC kernel on either
machine.  I talk SSH between them, and have been running ntpd on
both, each naming the other as well as two external servers.

My network is a typical home net, using 192.168.1/28, served by a
DSL router which does NAT for my external traffic.  Internal comms.
is through switches, plus one hub.  Each computer (plus some others
running Windows) has easy access out, and is invisible from the
Internet exceptt for responses.

Here's my ntp.conf, identical on my two computers:

 	driftfile /var/db/ntp.drift
 	logfile /var/log/ntplog
 	pidfile /var/run/
 	logconfig =all
 	peer		(much comments removed)

With mediocre diagnostic skill, I have finally discovered tcpdump.
It told me after much experiment, that the relevant port (NTP, 123) was
unreachable.  This sounds significant, but I can't find a list of the
reachability of ports.  I've looked at ng*, mac_* and pf* and finally
bpf*, and only the last seems to exist in /dev.

I had expected that GENERIC would impose only slight filtering somehow,
and certainly not shut off NTP!  I guess I need help.

Thanks for any help you can give, and I accept any opprobrium for trying
to be a sysadmin, even for my home boxen.

 	Chuck Bacon -- crtb at

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