Random panics on FreeeBSD 6.0

Matthew Navarre mnavarre at cox.net
Sat Jun 17 19:46:58 UTC 2006

On Jun 17, 2006, at 3:43 AM, Alex Zbyslaw wrote:

> Micah wrote:
>> Matthew Navarre wrote:
>>> I've got an AMD Sempron machine running FreeBSD 6.0 that's been  
>>> experiencing random panics while trying to build world. In fact  
>>> it just paniced now, with no activity.
>>> The panic message is TPTE at 0xbfc20624 IS ZERO @ VA 08100000
>>> bad pte
>>> This started last night while I was portupgrading ruby and I got  
>>> random apps segfaulting, mostly gcc, so I suspected bad memory. I  
>>> installed new memory today, tried to buildworld. And *BAM* panic:  
>>> bad pte
>>> I'm still guessing that this is a hardware problem, and not  
>>> software but I'm not sure. If anyone can give me a clue I'd  
>>> appreciate it.

Yup, looks like a bad memory slot along with a bad stick of RAM. I  
switched slots and installed a known-good stick of RAM and was able  
to build world. So I need to get the mainboard replaced, but at least  
it's not falling over in a stiff breeze.

Stupid hardware.

Thanks, guys

> As well as the things mentioned, it could also be a bad memory slot  
> (rather than chip), so try with one chip in one slot; if it still  
> fails, one chip in another slot; if it fails another chip in one  
> slot etc.  It could be a combination :-(
> --Alex

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