Moving From NAT to Multiple IPs - Server Considerations

Richard Collyer richard at
Sat Jun 17 16:30:47 UTC 2006


I've recently started to work from home so the limitations of one IP
address are really starting to gripe me.

I've asked my ISP to order me a block of 8 ips. What considerations so I
be looking at when managing the IP server address change.

I'm not too concerned about the services going offline as they are not
used for anything critical and in any case services such as SMTP and
incoming e-mail have fail safes provided by my dns provider.

Do I need to install IPFirewall or will the server just close all the
ports that it is not using and be fine and dandy that way. Any
recommendations on good articles for installing IPFW. I've googled but I
am looking for something which allows me to do the basics but also talks
about the more advanced stuff such as blocking logins on SSH after x

How do I manage the change from NAT to multi Ips. Does the server still
get given an internal IP address on the lan and then the router redirects
the external IP to that machine or does the machine have to be told that
it is now listening on IPs x, y and z.

Any help appreciated.


Richard Collyer
richard at

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