FreeBSD equivalent to DRBD

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Sat Jun 17 13:19:15 UTC 2006

> bsd at schrieb:
>> ISTR something about a FreeBSD equivalent to DRBD on Linux ie creating a
>> raid device using disks on different machines, but I've not been able to
>> locate any info.
>> Does anybody have any info and or howtos. I am thinking of putting
>> together a HA NFS server cluster using something like heartbeat with
>> DRBD.
>> As all my servers are Freebsd, I would like to stick with it. Any
>> suggestions?
> Hello,
> as far as I know there is no such thing. I could refer you to ggated(8)
> and gmirror(8), but I suppose this is not what you want. ;-)
> Björn

Many thanks.

It look like ggated + geom will do at least part of the job. Setting up
the raid part looks fairly straight forward, the question is howto manage
the swop aspect, ie machine a primary to machine b primary. I guess it is
shutdown geom + gated and starting them on the the other machine. I don't
see any way of doing this though. Perhaps I'm missing something.

The exporting the drive via NFS and swopping under haertbeat looks ok to.
It is just the gom + ggated aspect I am not sure about.



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