installation problem.

Sadashiv Kulthe sadashiv.linux at
Sat Jun 17 08:15:41 UTC 2006


this is problem related to Windows while trying to install new OS.
I know this is BSD forum, but if anyone can help. I'll appreciate.

I want to install Linux on my laptop and I am facing following problem while

Aftet refering to other side and by experince of others experince I have
downloaded Linux to install.

I have Dell Inspiron E1505/6400 laptop.

Problems are -
1. How can I new partition / Resize partition/ or create free spance.
It have single C: Partition by Dell. 70 GB HD space is available to use. It
uses one hidden partition so I can create new partition using Partition
magic. I downloaded Evaluation verstion of Partition magic which allow me to
create partition but not resize parition.

2. I downloaded linux on HDD from net and trying to Create bootable DVD from
that. I create it using Nero and  CD burnerXP Pro 3. When I try to boot
using that It goes to some weired prompt.
It boot with some software called caldera 7.03 which is command prompt only.
It has few command but too diff to understand. I donno what is this?
It goes to command prompt [DR-DOS] A:\>

I will apprecite if anyone can help me with above problems.

Thanks and Rega

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