Random panics on FreeeBSD 6.0

Micah micahjon at ywave.com
Sat Jun 17 02:17:12 UTC 2006

Matthew Navarre wrote:
> I've got an AMD Sempron machine running FreeBSD 6.0 that's been 
> experiencing random panics while trying to build world. In fact it just 
> paniced now, with no activity.
> The panic message is TPTE at 0xbfc20624 IS ZERO @ VA 08100000
> bad pte
> This started last night while I was portupgrading ruby and I got random 
> apps segfaulting, mostly gcc, so I suspected bad memory. I installed new 
> memory today, tried to buildworld. And *BAM* panic: bad pte
> I'm still guessing that this is a hardware problem, and not software but 
> I'm not sure. If anyone can give me a clue I'd appreciate it.
> Machine details:
> AMD Sempron
> ECS K8M800-M2 mainboard
> 1 GB Kingston PC-3200.
> Thanks,
> Matt

First, a quick Google of "bad pte" turns up some ideas. Try disabling or 
changing APIC and/or ACPI settings.  Make sure your swap partition is 
error free and has enough room.  Google a bit more just on the 
lists.freebsd.org site for several possibilities.

For hardware, you can try memtest86+ to check to make sure the new 
memory is good. There are other stress tests you can run as well - I 
usually use the ultimate boot CD for that stuff. Other possible problems 
are faulty or too small power supply; too much heat on CPU, RAM, or 
expansion boards; faulty expansion cards and/or components; or faulty 
hard drive.


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