James Retza jretza at
Fri Jun 16 22:39:59 UTC 2006

Good day!


Since FreeBSD 3 I have been an active student/user/hacker on my own x86
(Netfinity) based small cluster of servers. Initially, I started with
FreeBSD as a path to learn *NIX style operating systems as well as the c
programming language, after having spent several years breaking and fixing
just about everything I could, and running FreeBSD alongside Solaris x86 &
Fedora, I now feel confident enough to take the next step in joining the

I would like to become a contributor/developer for FreeBSD. I am
particularly interested in bringing new features such as ZFS and DTrace to
BSD. I am aware of the ongoing work by folks already working on porting
DTrace, but am unaware of any ongoing projects to bring ZFS to FreeBSD.
Regardless of my preferences, I would be more than happy to get involved
where-ever I might be of use whether it be in code, documentation, etc. I am
fortunate enough to make my living at home as a website and web application
developer for a small design firm with a handful of solid clients; so I can
easily make the necessary commitment of time and resources to pursue such a
path. My previous contributions have included development work for JRun 3 &
4 and ColdFusion 4-7 for the now Adobe owned Macromedia and once upon a time
Allaire. I wish now to take on something more challenging and rewarding.
Please inform me as to how I may become a contributor/developer/whatever and
where I may most be of use. 


Thank you,


James Retza

jretza at


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