freebsd on a newer pc

Jonathan Horne jhorne at
Fri Jun 16 13:26:56 UTC 2006

trying to install freebsd 6.1 on a hp dc7100 (p4 3.4, sata, a pci-x slot,
etc).  im having a couple issues getting it up and running with freebsd.

main issue is, i cannot get the system to power off with acpi.  it will
shutdown, but it stops at a screen that just says "the system  has powered
off with acpi, hit any key to reboot", or something along that nature. 
ideally, i would like to figure out how to get it to behave normally, and
fully power itself off when i give it 'shutdown -p now'.  the bios
mentions lots of S3 related stuff under power management, but i dont have
a good understanding of what that does.  i did try disabling some stuff,
but it had no effect on powerdown behavior.

i would appreciate any advice anyone has.


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