[Fwd: formatting tools for Docbook]

Chuck Robey chuckr at chuckr.org
Thu Jun 15 22:54:41 UTC 2006

Greg Barniskis wrote:

> Chuck Robey wrote:
>> Greg Barniskis wrote:
You know, I don't want to argue about thread hijacking, I only want my 
question answered, so i will try again.  Has anyone out there used a 
tool from the ports set, to be able  to do general purpose creation and 
formatting of XML Docbook documents?  Please, if you haven't yourself 
done this (created general purpose Docbook XML documents by the use of 
FreeBSD ports-supplied tools) then please ignore this.

Specifically, this is not intended to reference the FDP tools.  It might 
be possible that the FDP tools supply a 100% 4.5 Docbook XML 
compatiblity, and if those tools occur in the FreeBSD ports (I think 
they do) theIN could care about it here, but I don't want o referenc 
ethe FDP tools at all, otherwise.  I don't have any specific intention 
to use the FDP toolset.

Outside of 100% tested compatiblity that you yourself have used in 
creating and reading non-FreeBSD documents, I really would appreciate 
not hearing about the FDP tools.

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