Probably a simple question but...

Mayo, Richard A RDECOM CERDEC STCD SRI Richard.Mayo at
Thu Jun 15 22:47:59 UTC 2006

I believe this is a simple fix, but I sure can't find it.

I set up 2 FreeBSD boxes as dual-stack network routers and I'm using them to test an application capable of generating both TCP and UDP messaging.  The TCP part of this equation is working great -- my message fly around the network just like they should.

However, my routers appear to be eating my multicast UDP packets.  The packets are addressed to and static routes for that prefix are defined in both rc.conf files (I only use 1 multicast address, so I don't see a reason to use a multicast routing daemon).  Obviously, I don't believe the static route is defined correctly.

Can somebody clue me in to the proper method for configuring a FreeBSD computer, functioning as a network router, to accept all packets addressed to on either Ethernet interface and forward them out the other??  (they're RL0 and RL1, lower case.)

Do I need to define 2 static routes?
Do I need to switch something else on?

Thanks for any help,
Rich Mayo

P.S.  It may be significant that when I installed the OS on the computer, there was only 1 NIC present.  I added the other one after I got the software running, so it occurs to me that there may be a switch relating to forwarding that's not "ON", but I have no idea where to look for that.

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