Verizon Wireless PC5740 on FreeBSD?

pete wright nomadlogic at
Thu Jun 15 15:29:16 UTC 2006

On 6/14/06, YTResearch <ytresearch at> wrote:
> Has anyone been successful with using Verizon Wireless on FreeBSD. I
> have read where the PC5740 card has been successfully used on Linux
> claiming 160mbps with a ohci-hcd module. If that's true, I was
> thinking this should be possible on FreeBSD. I have a mix of Darwin
> and FreeBSD and it seems more likely that FreeBSD would be the better
> bet since the linux module might run as is. Hate to put the money out
> and find out differently. Has anyone tried this?

I have a bit of experience running these cards on OSX (10.4) and was
impressed.  The basic connection procedure (via the Verizon GUI) is to
load the driver to the card, bring up a ppp interface which
authenticates with the Verizon service (I assume that this a basic ppp
authentication script).  IP, routing, dns is doled out to the host
after auth.  i would suspect that authentication is tied to a uniq ID
based on the card (probably not the MAC address from what I could tell
though).  You may need a compatible device to unlock the card
intitally (Mac or NT).  I will be getting some more of these in soon
and hopefully wil have time to test them out on my 6.1 laptop....


Pete Wright
NYC's *BSD User Group

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