smb_maperror: Unmapped error 1:158 under FreeBSD 4.11 w/smbfs & pure-ftpd

Doug Lee dgl at
Wed Jun 14 22:55:11 UTC 2006

I run the latest 4.11-STABLE (yes I know that's not the latest STABLE
in general) and use smbfs to mount a 300-gig network file share.  I
also use pure-ftpd and hope to allow ftp access to parts of that

Problem:  When a user connects to pure-ftpd, it is possible to list
files, navigate among folders, and even upload; but on trying to
download any file from the smbfs share, the following error is logged
via syslog and the download instantly terminates:

<kern.crit> kirk /kernel: smb_maperror: Unmapped error 1:158

The error returned to the client (at least when I use FreeBSD's ftp as
a client) is (shown with context)

150-Accepted data connection
150 21286.3 kbytes to download
  0% |                                                  |     0 --:-- ETA
  450 Error during write to data connection

This reminds me that, on older FreeBSD versions, attempting to FTP
straight off an smbfs mount, though not causing kernel errors, did
result in corrupt downloads.  That applied to the FreeBSD-internal
ftpd as well as to pure-ftpd, but not to wu-ftpd.  (I don't want to
use wu-ftpd though for security reasons.)  I can transfer files
to/from the smbfs share by other means, such as via cp, without

Anyone have any idea what's going on here?  Google searches for error
1:158 turned up very little solid (unless I missed something).

Please Cc replies.

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