FreeBSD users of Thailand

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Wed Jun 14 11:57:39 UTC 2006

Dear Mr Nicole
Thanks for the response. It is very nice that someone from the local
academic institution  is interested in this particular problem.
We willl need all the helps we can get.

I am not sure if you see the underlying problems the new users in Thailand

>From  the thai webboard ( such as in This site is run by
one of the staff at teacher college in Pitsanulok,Thailand - though it's
domain name ends with dot com , this is not a commercial site. it was for
the sake of convenience to get the site up quickly. Another site is ) , we noticed that the newbies faces a lot
of problems during installation. Few commonly encountered problems are :
1 CD error ( burned from download iso )
2 incomplete software ( again error from either during download or during
burning CD) . I encountered this problem myself inspite of correct MD5. So
common occuring such that I resorted to obtaining the CD by direct ordering
from FreeBSD Mall. And yet , I got error from the purchased disk. Perhaps
this might be due to my old hardware.
3 Another very common complaint from the webboard is the failure during
porting. This is a very common indeed. And this, in my opiniion having been
in the same situation before, is very discouraging for the new users indeed.
And as you might know,  compounding with the slow modem speed most user had
in Thailand,this will certainly discourage the new users to persue the
FreeBSD route. I do not think this is FreeBSD problem but rather the
unfamiliarity of the FreeBSD and porting system on the new users part (
perhaps they do not have latest port ).
4 the root of all problem is our lack goof background in english.

What we have in our plan is to have an autorun cd filled with OS & necessary
application softwares. Everything is in the CD so that users do not have to
download ( only one option to install the software for users to select  ie,
from CD). One last important thing is to have instruction to the user in
Thai language ( we will definitely need someone to help on this ie. writing
command ( in shell script or ???)  to automate the whole process, since most
of us have no experience or know how.)

This approach should have the new users up and running quickly without
bandwidth problem or missing dependency files.

Thanks in advance for the help. We definitely need your help.


Somner Srivisal

ps. I am currently living in the US and having been in contact with Khun
presert regarding this matter. This proves that "The world is Flat" ( by
Thomas Friedman )

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> Khun Prasert,
> Good initiative, very good idea.
> Well I have more interest in the server use of FreeBSD and obviously I
> cannot read Thai, but if I can help...
> Best regards,
> Olivier
> Pathumthani
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