Giorgos Keramidas keramida at
Wed Jun 14 09:40:18 UTC 2006

On Wed, 14 Jun 2006 03:40:02 -0500, "Nikolas Britton" <nikolas.britton at> wrote:
> What do all these things mean, they are from the STATE column in top?:
> bo_wwa
> biowr
> *proce
> getblk
> select
> drainv
> *Giant
> nanslp
> pause
> wait
> kserel
> ttyin

They are described in the manpage near this part:

    STATE is the current state (one of "START", "RUN" (shown as "CPUn"
    on SMP systems), "SLEEP", "STOP", "ZOMB", "WAIT", "LOCK" or the
    event on which the process waits),

The uppercase names are one of the states described in the manpage in
uppercase too.  The lowercase names are the names of sleep-events on
which a process is blocked.  Then there are the names that start with a
'*' character.  These are, AFAIK, names of kernel locks that the process
is currently blocked on.

- Giorgos

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