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Wed Jun 14 01:53:03 UTC 2006

To whom it may concern :

    We, among the few advanced FreeBSD users of Thailand, have been using
FreeBSD, Desktop mode (with the emphasis on Desktop) for quite sometime. As
you may know copyright infringement is a concern in countries like Thailand.
In order to avoid such problems, we think using FreeBSD will help. Seeing
that the latest FreeBSD version, running in desktop mode is quite stable, a
few users myself included, have been using it in the office.

    We would like to expand our user base in Thailand. Particular problems
popped up among the newbies when they start to install, ie, unsucessful
installation due to incomplete software in the CD disk (cd error) or an
error during port installation (can't find dependency files). In addition,
due to the majority of users still using low speed modem, this has created a
significant hinderance and discouragement when errors occured due to failure
to find dependency files (not FreeBSD's fault though). The other problem is
the language problem, since we are not an english speaking country, a lot of
users have problems with the manual. As a result, we would like to create a
setup FreeBSD CD for desktop users similar to those done in with PC-BSD or
DragonFly disks. In addition we will try to add thai language instructions
in this special distribution.

    Since we have never taken on this kind of task before, we would like to
ask if any party in charge from FreeBSD organization or anyone else has any
suggestion regarding a setup disk similar to the above mentioned distros. So
we can begin by distributing to the new users in Thailand for now. We hope
that they learn to use this easy-use limited version, and with more
experience they will grow to use a full FreeBSD user later on.

    The plan is to include in the CD only OS & the basic application
software  deemed necessary ( such as apache, php etc.)  for starters so they
can be up and running FreeBSD.

    If there are any step-by-step instructions or person from whom we can
get some help, we would be grateful.

    Attached are our captured screens showing what we have been using and

    There is an on going project, trying to translate the FreeBSD handbook
into thai


    Although it is a long way to completion.

    We hope this is compatible with FreeBSD distribution policies.

    Again, thanks for any advice and information.


    Mr. Prasert Tuntiwaraporn

    Bangkok, Thailand 10500

    FreeDesktop.FreeBSD at

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