Perl in 6.1

forrie at forrie at
Tue Jun 13 20:15:32 UTC 2006

> forrie at writes:
>> I've just installed a fresh 6.1 system and I noted perl wasn't included
>> in
>> the core build.  I also see it mentioned in the ObsoleteFiles area in
>> /usr/src.
>> Where is the announcement about perl being removed, etc.  What's the
>> scoop.
> It was in the release announcement when 5.0 was released.  Perl hasn't
> been in the base system since 2003.
> Just install it from the ports or packages, as the installation
> program would have done for you if you had installed a port that
> needed it.

Okay, thanks.

I recall there being a bit of perl code in the system build, so they would
have had to rewrite all that in shell.

Thanks again,


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