FreeBSD 6.1 boot loader missing

Al Plant webmaster at
Tue Jun 13 17:50:12 UTC 2006

I installed FreeBSD 6.1 on 2 different HD's 3.5 GB. When the reboot is 
supposed to happen the Boot loader doesnot come up. Is there a way to 
fix this from a single user prompt or any other way? I have never had 
this happen to FreeBSD and I have been installing it on many boxes since 
  version 3.4.

This box is for a firewall on a small office  lan with only a minimal 
FreeBSD 6.1 installed to run the firewall. It is an HP box Vectra 486/66.

I have looked at several how to's in my FreeBSD reference books, but 
most say put a dos partition on the drive as maybe the bios need to see 
the parameters more clearly. Any Ideas besides that? I do have a box 
that cant run above FreeBSD 4.11 as a print server in an installation. 
But FreeBSD 5* would not install on it at all. This installs but won't boot.

Al Plant

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