EM64T chipset and FreeBSD instalation

Derek Ragona derek at computinginnovations.com
Tue Jun 13 14:10:36 UTC 2006

The EM64T is just the additional 64 bit extensions.  Since you are using 
less than 4 GB of RAM you won't use the 64-bit extensions, I would use the 
i386 version.

Set up the RAID 1 Array first, and make sure it is a single volume.

When you do your install you should see 2 drives, one is the 80 GB drive, 
the second is the RAID volume.

Hope this helps.


At 06:39 AM 6/13/2006, DSA - JCR wrote:
>Hi all
>I am going to install several NFS server in FreebSD for several customers
>and the computer has the following characteristics:
>- MSI 945PNeo Platinum Main Board, chipset 915P, ICH7R, VIA® 6410, 82573
>PCI-E Gb LAN, PCI Express 16x VGA, VIA® 6307 (IEEE1394)
>- Intel EM64T P4 CPU 3,2Ghz, 800Mhz FSB, 2Mb L2
>- HD IDE 80 GB Seagate
>- 2x HD SATA 200Gb Seagate in RAID 1 controlled by the chipset of the
>I want to install in this system a NFS, Samba, and TCP, in order to make
>possible to use the data on the RAID 1 like a file repository for the
>customer ms windows network, and also get some data files from there homes
>with FTP (I will install pfsense in another small pc).
>I think that I must install the "amd64" flavour of FreeBSD, because it is
>recommended for the EM64T Intel chip. But I don't know if this flacour is
>well tested and if instead of it, i must install the "i386" flavour of
>I have seen also that "amd64" seems doesn't have all the devices drivers
>that "i386" have, so I don't know what to do really.
>Also I observ that when I run the install CD 1, it recognize the following
>- ad0 => the main HD (IDE)
>- ad12 => one of the SATA HD
>- ad8 => the other SATA HD
>- ar8 => ????
>what is this ? I think is the RAID controller because is of logic, but,
>must I create filesystems on the ad12, ad8? or only on ar8? or on all?.
>thanks in advance
>Juan Coruña
>Desarrollo de Software Atlantico
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