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>Subject: Re: wikipedia article
>On Sun, 11 Jun 2006, Nikolas Britton wrote:
>> * IIRC NetBSD was a fork of FreeBSD, OpenBSD was a fork of NetBSD.
>Eeh? I believe NetBSD was there half a year before FreeBSD.


"...Frustration at getting patches integrated and releases of 386BSD led
to FreeBSD, which concentrated the i386 platform, while NetBSD formed to
focus on multi-platform support..."

Now, for the references, see:

Let's start with the 386BSD stuff.  Unfortunately he doesen't have the
note for 386BSD 0.1, I think I have it I'll have to send it to him.

"...From wjolitz at cardio.ucsf.EDU Sat Mar 14 21:59:20 1992..."

"... Date: 12 Nov 1994 22:50:49 -0800.."

"....It shipped November 4..."

So you see there was a lot of overlap, here.  Both NetBSD and FreeBSD's
first releases fell between the releases of 386BSD.  But, that isn't the
whole story,
read on:

"...The source for NetBSD is derived from 386BSD 0.1, patched
with the 0.2.2 patch kit...."

"...Thanks go to:

All of the people involved in the patch kit, including but not limited
	Terry Lambert
	Nate Williams
	Jordan Hubbard
	Rod Grimes..."

"...much awaited SECOND public release of FreeBSD..."

"...From: jkh at (Jordan K. Hubbard)"

Now, here's the kicker.

Notice that NetBSD 0.8 thanks Jordan for his work, why?  It is because
Jordan is the release
manager for FreeBSD during that time that NetBSD was released.  Yet if
NetBSD was
6 months BEFORE FreeBSD as your asserting, why would they be thanking the
authors of the patchkit, of which Jordan was one - 386BSD 0.1 as we
should all
know became FreeBSD, read:

"...The FreeBSD project had its genesis in the early part of 1993,
partially as an outgrowth of the “Unofficial 386BSD Patchkit” by the
patchkit's last 3 coordinators: Nate Williams, Rod Grimes and myself...."

You see, work on FreeBSD and NetBSD was going on in parallel at the same
time, with the same people working on both operating systems.  It is a
to think that NetBSD was a fork of FreeBSD or vis-versa.  Both were
"forks" of
the 386BSD 0.1 release and as I explained, started out identically.
NetBSD was
carried on within CSRG initally, that is why you see all the blurbs like
"intended as a
research tool" and suchlike in the early NetBSD notes.  FreeBSD was
carried on within
Walnut Creek, very much outside of Berkeley.

You have to understand that in 1993 the Internet wasn't all over the
place, a lot of
people had no way of connection to it.  Only a fortunate few could do an
FTP transfer of
anything from Berkeley.  That is why Walnut Creek initially was so


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