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Mon Jun 12 21:22:03 UTC 2006

I found this on Netcraft and thought I'd share it:

Six Hosting Companies Most Reliable Hoster in May.

Six hosting companies share the top spot this month, with INetU, Hostway, 
IPower, New York Internet, Pair Networks andTiscali all sharing the top spot 
as the most reliable hosting company site this month.

The six-way tie is a first for the reliability survey, as three and even four 
providers have shared the top position in the past. The showing reflects a 
strong month for hosting reliability, as the winners each had just 0.01 
percent of their DNS responses fail, just a hair short of a perfect showing. 
All six companies have finished atop the survey at least once previously.

It was a particularly good month for providers hosting their home page on 
FreeBSD, four of whom (INetU, iPowerWeb, NY Internet and Pair Networks) 
shared the top spot with two hosts on Linux (Hostway and Tiscali). Overall, 
five Linux sites are found in the top 10 this month, four on FreeBSD and one 
on Windows.

Way to go FreeBSD!!


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