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Mon Jun 12 19:22:36 UTC 2006

At 10:46 AM -0400 6/11/06, Jim Stapleton wrote:
>I was looking at the mailing list, and I couldn't find
>a "freebsd-devel" list, though I thought I heard of
>one's existance.  What am I missing here?
>I'm looking here:

FreeBSD development covers a wide range of issues, so
there are multiple mailing lists each of which covers
some aspect of freebsd development.

There are two main branches of development for the
operating system itself, and each has it's own mailing
list.  The "bleeding-edge" development happens in the
branch known as freebsd-current, while the more-tested
branch is called freebsd-stable.  And there's a mailing
list for each of those.

The freebsd-hackers mailing list is another busy mailing
list which covers a lot of other issues about programming
on FreeBSD.

Almost all of the mailing lists which you see listed on
the above web page are related to *some* aspect of
freebsd development.  Which mailing list you would like
depends on what kind of development you are interested in.

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