Im new to FreeBSD

Eric heli at
Mon Jun 12 16:06:50 UTC 2006

> Im very new to this and have some questions,Im looking for an operationg system to replace windows Xp on my computer.My computer has a celeron processor and 512 megabytes of memory.Is this enought to run freeBSD ?.And also,I have many applications,will they be compatible with freeBSD or will BSD come with everything I will need? (word processor,internet browser,ECT)...

FreeBSD should work fine with your hardware. as to your software, do not
expect anything you currently have to run in FreeBSD. However, there are
TONS of applications included with FreeBSD via the Ports collection that
can replace the programs you use now. OpenOffice, Firefox, etc. should
work just fine for you.

Good luck in your new OS search. FreeBSD is a great one!

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