is there an ies4linux port for FreeBSD?

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Mon Jun 12 10:25:11 UTC 2006

Jim Stapleton wrote:

> I cant find it in www, net or devel, and the downloadable install
> script fails horribly.
> error message
> ========================================
> sjss at aragorn 17:08:52 (0) ~/ies4linux-2.0beta6 > ./ies4linux
> source: not found


First, try running the script as
    csh ~/ies4linux-2.0beta6 > ./ies4linux

and see if that helps.  "source" is a csh builtin which implies that you 
are running a csh script under sh/bash.  (If that's the case then why it 
doesn't start with #!/bin/csh I don't know, but it wouldn't say much for 
software quality).

If that doesn't help then try posting the script, or a link to it if 
it's big.  Was there a README or INSTALL file?


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