Networking Training System for Laboratory

George Yap georgeyap72 at
Sun Jun 11 16:16:53 UTC 2006

Dear Sir/Madam,

Good Day to you.

One of Malaysia University from Networking Department, is seeking for
Laboratory Networking Training Systems.

These 2 networking systems are : LAN and ADSL Training System

Could you advise me any good supplier that can provide the following:

(1) Consisting of panel makes easily to unders tand all the network

(2) Studying from basic theory to making a realcable

(3) Studying in the function of ADSLEquipment such asCO(central Office)
Modem, Cp(custom Premise) Modem, Splitter, private splitter, Lan card, etc..
and learning about installation maintenance.

(4) Gaining the knowledge of Real Net-Work configuration through real
sequential experiment with internet and available for having a interlocking

(5) Available for studying about the installing, maintenance repairing with
the basic network equipment's functions (NIC, HUB, ROUTER, DS U) and

(6) Available for studying from the basic theory to practical cable

(7) Others:

1.Understanding communication theory or protocol.
2. Practice installing the Lan-Card.
3. Practically,cable work between network products.
4. Understanding the concept and installing of HUB.
5. Learninga bout DSU's function, line path features, interface
6. Router's function and learning about the interface, installing, and
7. Experiment how to use a program to analyze the packet.
8. Networks design and practice programming.
9. Grasping interlocking with ADSL equipment.

Many thanks and appreciation to your help and advise. (Possible to provide
me the website also?)

George Yap

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