Long Shot - MSN Group chat room access

Nikolas Britton nikolas.britton at gmail.com
Sun Jun 11 15:41:33 UTC 2006

On 6/11/06, dgmm <freebsd01 at dgmm.net> wrote:
> On Sunday 11 June 2006 03:49, Nikolas Britton wrote:
> > I forgot about Konqueror :-) I just tried spoofing msn chat with
> > Konqueror and it worked, well I got to the front page at least but I
> > don't have an msn account so I can't test it any further. In Konqueror
> > simply goto Settings > Configure Konqueror... > Browser
> > Identification, and then click on "New...". set it to
> > http://chat.msn.com and use "Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows XP".
> She can get into the the relevant groups page and access all the features
> there except for the live chat room.  Closer inspection looks like it's all
> ActiveX stuff so that's most likely the problem.  I tried as you suggested
> but Konqueror crashed :-(

Spoof as Firefox 1.0/1.5 on Windows 2000 / XP.
Spoof as NN4 / NN6 on Windows 95 / 98.
Spoof as IE4 on Windows 95 etc. etc.

It must be assuming you have ActiveX because your identifying yourself
as IE6/XP...

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