ports upgrade question

wc_fbsd at xxiii.com wc_fbsd at xxiii.com
Sun Jun 11 15:00:58 UTC 2006

>On 6/10/06, aaronvan at comcast.net <aaronvan at comcast.net> wrote:
>>I'm a newbie running 6.1 stable and I have what may be several 
>>simple questions: What exactly is happening when I run "make index 
>>&& make readmes" after I upgrade my ports tree? Why aren't the 
>>indexes and readmes made when we run cvsup ports

>You don't need to run make index... just cd into /usr/ports and type

Better yet, don't screw with cvsup.  "Portsnap" is standard equipment 
in 6.x.  It's much faster, uses less bandwidth, and is even less load 
on the update server.  And it does the indexes automatically.  Just 
"man portsnap" or search the archives.


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