FreeBSD on laptops

Sergio Lenzi enigma at
Sun Jun 11 04:40:40 UTC 2006

> If you looking for a first time BSD desktop (KDE) then try PC-BSD. and
> If you can't get that to run (PC-BSD is based on FreeBSD) give SuSE
> 10.1 a go.

Good  option I tried... fast easy... the version is still 5.X ... but is
it is KDE  based....

On the HP  series,  due to a hardware problem in the keyboard,  it locks
just ast you 
load the kernel... 

solution: Boot with a patched keyboard kernel (the one that does not
test the hardware...)
google points..  

Again I recomend the 6.1  kernel... and  gnome.. 2.14 or 2.15   is
ligher than kde, and
easy for the end user....   2.15 with HAL implementation is amazing....

We notice here that users (those who just want to use the computer) 
does better with gnome (less options, less thing to confitgure....)

They just want to read email, use office, som multemedia... internet...
a groupware package linked to the evolution ...  in my case, the
open-xchange software....


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