dual boot; Linux, FreeBSD

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at clunix.cl.msu.edu
Sun Jun 11 02:44:57 UTC 2006

> ---- much excised ---

> > Anyway, this all works just fine.  The MBR and initial boot record in
> > the boot sector of each slice (or primary partition if you must degrade
> > to MS terminology) have just enough standardization that the FreeBSD MBR
> > or most any of the other more fancy ones, can initiate the boot for any
> > of the OS-en commonly available to run on these machines.   Since the OS
> > specific stuff really comes after it gets in to the slice boot record
> > code in the boot sector, then generally any of them can boot any of them.
> > The exception is MS MBRs.  I have heard that some more recent ones play
> > better, but any I have had so far will not boot any slice except one
> > for a MS OS.   I don't know what they screw up, but find it not surprisin=
> g.
> >
> > So, there is the tome.
> > All newbies, careful what you ask.  Someone may answer thusly with more
> > than you every wanted to know.
> >
> > ////jerry
> Maybe this ought to be included in the handbook. I've seen this question or
> one like it 100's of times on these lists. That was the best answer I've
> seen.
> Just my $.02

Thanks for the positive comment.
It glosses over stuff a little and isn't precisely correct in all detail,
but I think it generally is correct and represents the way things work
for all practical matters.

Maybe it can be a FAQ.   How do they get there?


> Beech

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