FreeBSD on laptops

Sergio Lenzi lenzi at
Sat Jun 10 22:09:25 UTC 2006

I have here running on an HP pavilion zv6000 with all enabled...
gnome2.14 + flash7 + wireless + kernel 6.1 + java. + multimedia(all
types and plugins: rmv, avi, asf....)
+ dvdRW..., openoffice 2.0.2 java 1.4, 1.5, eclipse, jdk,
the broadcom wireless built from the ndis windows driver...    
All running on FreeBSD 

Is amazing... in fact, we are starting do ship notebooks with FreeBSD in
1-2 months...
the primary users will be high executives, decision chain persons, that
will operate Kontact + evolution
linked to a Open-Xchange servers... 

Their  needed for secure machines, with an secure operating system, that
is imune to virus , spywares,
with a vpn (using ppp over ip) that in case of lost, robbery, can be
used to track down the machine
or simply wipe out the operating system and do not expose the
information inside...  
a secret key on the loader, prevents the machine from being used in
single user, so one machine can
be safetly be used with more than one person in the company...
Besides, each notebook  (a turion amd64...)  can be used as a FreeBSD
diskless server, and when activated,
almost every machine on an lan that connects with it, can be used with
as a diskless client using 
PXE boot (available on almost every PC now... including the

I can send  some screen shots if you are interested...

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