Bridge, networking, wireless cards, and ypbind.... (*sigh*

Wes Santee wsantee at
Sat Jun 10 05:06:48 UTC 2006

Paul Pathiakis wrote:

> my rc.conf has:
> ifconfig_ath0="inet netmask 0xffffff00 ssid my_ap mode 11g 
> mediaopt adhoc"
> defautrouter=""
> nis_client_enable="YES"
> ifconfig -a shows:
>         inet6 fe80::213:46ff:fe94:75c3%ath0 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x1
>         ether 00:13:46:94:75:c3
>         media: IEEE 802.11 Wireless Ethernet autoselect mode 11g <adhoc>
>         status: associated
>         ssid my_ap channel 3 bssid 02:13:46:94:75:c5
>         authmode OPEN privacy OFF txpowmax 36 protmode CTS burst bintval 100
> I assume that since the bssid shows the MAC address of AP, it is bound.

Why isn't the ath0 card in promisc mode?  I thought it pretty much has
to be in order for the bridge to work (both NICs in my bridge stay in
promisc mode).

I'm not sure if you're using "device if_bridge", or "options BRIDGE",
but if it's the former, and you're running traffic through pf, take note
of the warning in the if_bridge man page:

The bridge may not forward fragments that have been reassembled by a
packet filter.  In pf(4) fragment reassembly can be disabled in the
scrub option.

That's just my guesses for places to look based on the info you described.


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