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> Can you tell me a simple way of retrieving recently deleted files?
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I guess, if you know what you're doing, you can go
in with a disk editor, but not simple. And, like
another message said, depends on if the inodes have
been overwritten. And like the other post alluded to,
there's no replacement for a good backup. That being
said, I can tell you what I've done ever since I hosed
/usr one day accidentally, while in a pissed off mood
& not paying attention to the paths I was typing, & had
to do a restore (luckily I  had just done a full dump).
I hate it & it's aggravating, but it's saved me several
times from another restore, but in .bashrc I have:

alias rm='rm -i'

When you type rm "whatever", it'll ask you if you're
Be sure. :-) And backup regularly.

Denny White

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