dual boot; Linux, FreeBSD

jekillen jekillen at prodigy.net
Sat Jun 10 01:25:14 UTC 2006

If I want to set up a dual boot of either Linux or FreeBSD, what is the 
best way to go about it?
Use Lilo, grub, or does FreeBSD have a boot loader that it likes better 
and Linux won't object to?
i'm planning on using Debian on a separate bootable hard drive. I have 
to get more info on what
version of Debian I will use. FreeBSD is version 6.0 release. It works 
great, has little quirks here
and there but are negligible, Xwindow screen saver daemon won't run, 
but that's ok because
mostly I shut the monitor off when not using the system. Gnome throws 
up a dialog every
time it starts stating that a panel is already running. Once it kept 
presenting the same dialog
several times before it was satisfied that I got the message. Monitor 
works great without any
intervention from me. I sure is nice to have a computer system that 
just runs and runs and
I don't have to do finger nail biting trying to stay ahead of crashes.
Thanks in advance:

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