Sendmail = mind boggling

Wayne wmc20 at
Fri Jun 9 20:02:01 UTC 2006

Freminlins wrote:
> I want to keep running Exim on port 25. I want Sendmail to run on a
> different port. So I am trying to use the  "O DaemonPortOptions=Port=2525"
> option. However, I have 6 cf files in /etc/mail -,

For quite some time now, it has been strongly suggested that you DO NOT 
try to manually edit the .cf file.  You edit the file, and 
use the m4 macro processor to generate a .cf file.  FreeBSD comes with a 
Makefile in /etc/mail to simplify (or compplicate?) things.  Read the 
top of it for info.  Basically, it looks for "" in /etc/mail, 
and failing that uses  It spits out .cf files with the same 
prefix as the .mc file it used.  "make install" will write that file to 
/etc/mail/ which is the one the daemon really reads.


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