Correct CPUTYPE= for Intel Celeron 2.50GHz (2500.10-MHz 686-class CPU)

John Nielsen lists at
Fri Jun 9 17:00:02 UTC 2006

On Friday 09 June 2006 11:48, Frank Steinborn wrote:
> John Nielsen wrote:
> > You probably want:
> > CPUTYPE?=pentium4
> If I put a ? after CPUTYPE, buildworld won't use CPUTYPE, correct? Is
> it better to do so, or is it safe to use "CPUTYPE=pentium4"?

Incorrect.  The ? means that if the CPUTYPE is already set (say, from the 
command line), it won't get clobbered by the entry in make.conf. So it's good 
practice to always use ?.  It will get picked up by buildworld either way.


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