Midi and Linux compatibility

jekillen jekillen at prodigy.net
Fri Jun 9 00:21:49 UTC 2006

I'm interested in setting up midi and sound recording gear on a Linux 
system. There is a program I'm interested in
getting installed and using called Rosegarden. I also have to contend 
with the availability of Linux compatible
midi interfaces (which is a blurred subject as far as my research into 
availability is concerned) My question to
the FreeBSD mailing list is: if I use FreeBSD with its Linux 
compatibility, how do I deal with drivers (for midi inter
faces, for instance) and installation. Is there an area of ports for 
Linux software, specifically Rosegarden or
something that will do audio recording, midi sequencing, audio/midi 
sync, and has a good score editor that
will print sheet music?
I would be using it on AMD 64 slot 939 FreeBSD v 6.0 Release.
(commercial boxed set of cd's from FreeBSD Mall).
I'm interested in this because my other option is to set up a
machine with Debian and some Debian midi specific software.
But I can't afford to build or buy another machine at present.
I want to avoid dual boot if I can.
One extra question re nvnet driver. I had trouble installing and using 
and a response to a query to this list indicated that the port was 
Can anyone tell me if it has been fixed?
Thanks in advance:

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