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Sorry dud but what you have is a winmodem.
XP has special driver for that external modem to work.
It is not supported in FreeBSD as far as I have seen.
There is no such thing as USB-serial modem.
External modem is connected to motherboard by serial cable or USB
Serial external modem works right out of the box and USB external
modem are all winmodems.
There is a port ltmdm which works for a limited number of PCI
winmodems but nothing for USB-winmodems.

You are SOL.

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On Wed, 7 Jun 2006, Steve Bertrand wrote:

>> The saga of the 3G modem.  Labeled in AU as the Maxon MM 5500c.
>> This device is a modem on the usb bus, it looks like and
>> understands the at commands. Under XP.
>> I am using fbsd 6.1.
>> How do I get ppp to talk to it?
>> The man pages keep pointing to /dev/cuaU? A device that does
>> not exist yet.
> Don't know about the rest, but in FBSD 6+, the serial devices are
> /dev/cuad0 for COM1 and /dev/cuad1 for COM2.
> Try a:
> # cu -l /dev/cuad0 to see if you can connect to the device.

He said it was USB, which should be /dev/ucom0.

-Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA
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