help:Makefile template about device driver with multiple directories

hongz at hongz at
Thu Jun 8 11:01:16 UTC 2006

Hi guys:


I have one urgent question to ask, please help me on this!


The following is a Makefile template for device driver with all sources
codes locating in the same directory. My question is how to write the
Makefile when the driver source codes located different directories. For
example, my driver source codes maybe include: osd/*.c engine/*.c and
cam/*.c.  Could someone provide me such a Makefile template? Your help will
be highly appreciated!


.PATH:  .

KMOD    = shasta


SRCS    =  shasta.c  event.c .

SRCS += device_if.h bus_if.h pci_if.h

SRCS += opt_scsi.h opt_cam.h


.include <>





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