reading process memory

Tofik Suleymanov tofik at
Thu Jun 8 10:04:17 UTC 2006

James Riendeau wrote:
> I'm going to anticipate your next question, and say that if you're not 
> the parent, you will have to "attach" to the process.  How that's 
> done?  I don't know, probably through a system call to ptrace or 
> writing to the procfs ctl directory.  I'm speaking through erudite 
> knowledge rather than any real experience working with procfs.
> -james
Continue reading this thread and you will see, that you are right. In 
order to read/write process memory we need to use either ptrace(2) 
system call or  procfs.

Thanks for all useful thoughts!

Tofik Suleymanov

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