6.1 doesn't recognize IDE HD

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Try turning off power management in motherboard bios.
Also check that bios ide use auto setting.
Set bios boot from floppy then drive c, not just floppy alone.
If bios has system setting, set to unix or other, not windows.

Try posting to freebsd-mobile list for better support.

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I'm trying to install i386 FreeBSD 6.1 onto an HP Omnibook 800CT (Pentium 166 MMX, 80 MB RAM, 4.3. GB HD).  I'm booting from floppy because the onlyCDROM is a SCSI CDROM that is not bootable.  Everything seems to go well (even the recognization of the SCSI controller and CDROM) except that it does not recognize the IDE HD.  Note that the on-board ISA controlleris recognized (isa0) and there are various spewings about ata0.

The laptop works fine.  There RH9.0 bootable, and I've been playing around with other installations in the last week or so.

I did some Google searching and found a simialar problem described in this two y
ear old bug: http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-bugs/2004-October/009946
.html.  However, I could not find this bug by searching freebsd.org.

I realize that the IDE/ISA controller was probably a one-of for HP, but thereseems to have been support in the past (see bug report).  Is this a known problem?  Is there a workaround?

Any help would be apprecitated.

Thanks in advance.

Michael White
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