portupgrade question

Andy Reitz reitz at eecs.cwru.edu
Wed Jun 7 23:47:01 UTC 2006

On Wed, 7 Jun 2006, Michael S wrote:

> Good day everyone!
> I have a portupgrade related question. I am behind a proxy and fetch
> doesn't appear to cope with it very well. I installed wget and it
> works great. I updated the pkgtools.conf to reflect that, however
> portupgrade insists on using fetch for some reason. At first I thought
> that portupgrade ignored its configuration file, however once or twice
> I misstyped something and it did catch it.
> Any hints?
> P.S. I am running 5.5 if it makes any difference, although I think it
> shouldn't.

Hi Michael,

I don't think that portupgrade actually downloads source code from the
internet. Rather, portupgrade is a bit of a wrapper around the normal
FreeBSD ports code. According to the handbook,


The ports system uses fetch(1) in order to download any files. I thought
that there was a way to convince the ports to use a different file
retreiver, but I don't see anything in the handbook.

Have you tried setting the ftp_proxy and http_proxy environment variables,
so that fetch can work with your proxy?

	-Andy Reitz.

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