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Dan Mahoney danm at prime.gushi.org
Wed Jun 7 09:59:56 UTC 2006

Hey all.

Background: I build my sendmail from scratch, and have the sendmail build 
disabled in /etc/make.conf

I recently tried to build a sendmail milter that needed a very recent 
version of libmilter, and I found that FreeBSD has forever been including 
a libmilter.so file that's very old and butting heads with it (the 
libmilter.so file is dated somewhere around 2002, it was probably 
installed with the system).

I've found some instructions from weldon whipple here: 

But since the shared milter doesn't seem to be common practice outside of 
BSD, and I build everything sendmail related (all other milters) from 
source, is it safe to just kill this file off?

Alternatively, if can someone can tell me the standard voodoo to make a 
sendmail milter (I'm trying to build dk-milter) use the static library 
rather than the shared, I'd love to know.



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