Dial Up To ASDL Router

Richard Collyer richard at firebadger.net
Tue Jun 6 16:59:27 UTC 2006


I've been given a company laptop which is ok but they dont supply data 
cards. Instead I have been given a 0845 number to dial when at a place 
with no Internet.

Instead I would like to use my mobile to dial my home phone number which 
is not 0845 therefore included in the thousands of free minutes that I 
get each month.

The only thing that is on in my house is the Freebsd server so how can I 
set this up to use the dial up modem to answer the phone and connect it 
to the Internet through the ADSL it is plugged into.

I've googled but as I dont know what this type of software is called I 
didn't find much. Anyone know of any software that will do this?


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