PTY's in a FreeBSD Jail

Kevin Wortman kevin.wortman at
Tue Jun 6 16:31:23 UTC 2006


Sometime ago there was a question posed about the error "Server refused to
allocate pty" when trying to ssh into a freebsd jail.  It seemed to be
answered by someone saying that the command "mount_devfs devfs
/your/jail/dir/dev" needed to enter, which in fact does make the jail start
working.  However, it was stated in the same posting that this was not
considered to be secure.

Hence my question, if this is in fact not secure, how can I get my jail
properly configured in FreeBSD 6.0 without compromising the security of the
box?  I ask because I have several boxes currently running in my environment
with jails (FreeBSD 4.x) and do not see this command anywhere in the startup
scripts yet the jailed environment appears to be working like a champ.

I am fairly new to the FreeBSD world so please pardon my ignorance, if I
have displayed any.

Thanks in advance for any help/advise


Kevin Wortman

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