vsftpd uploading rate problem

Yuan, Jue yuanjue02 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 6 10:31:14 UTC 2006

Hi all.

I got a wired problem here. The ftp server I use on my laptop is vsftpd. Till 
now it works quite well, except the low uploading rate.

The situation is: a computer could download stuffs from my laptop via vsftpd 
at a rate of 10M/s. while uploading stuffs to my laptop at a rate of only 
300K~400K :( 

The account used to log in is one of my local accounts, and I have set 
local_max_rate=0 in /usr/local/etc/vsftpd.conf. I am wondering how this 
imbalance happens.

Does anybody have this problem before? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance :-)

Best Regards
Yuan, Jue @ www.yuanjue.net

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