NFS mounting problem (RPCPROG_MNT: RPC: Timed out)

Platoali Platoali at
Tue Jun 6 07:26:30 UTC 2006


I've two Freebsd boxes, One is NFS server which have a valid ip address and 
the second one is NFS client behind NAT with an invalid IP .

On the server side, I've the following configurations:

	# vi /etc/exports 
	/usr/local/www/data-dist/ripe/graphs # The IP of NAT server
	/usr/local/www/data-dist/ripe/graphs # this was for the test
	/usr/local/www/data-dist/ripe/graphs  # The IP  of the NFS

I can mount localy without any problem:
	# mount -t nfs /mnt
	# mount -t nfs /mnt

But On NFS cleint I got the following error:

	# mount /mnt
Timed out
	[udp] RPCPROG_MNT: RPC: Timed out

I'm sure there is no network problem. Here is the dump on the client : 
	# tcpdump -n host
	tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol decode
	listening on fxp0, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 96 bytes
	10:40:22.785099 IP > UDP, length 56
	10:40:22.786797 IP > UDP, length 28
	10:40:22.786923 IP > 40 null
	10:40:22.787897 IP > reply ok 
24 null
	10:40:22.787971 IP > UDP, length 56
	10:40:22.789326 IP > UDP, length 28
	10:40:22.789420 IP > UDP, length 140

As you can see there is no NAT problem. Client recieves the packets from 
server. But I just don't understand why mount cammand get the Time out error.

Best Regards

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