Converting DocBook into PDF

Rico coolzone at
Tue Jun 6 02:11:47 UTC 2006


I am working on a documentation project and needs to convert some 
DocBook files into several formats.

I have installed "xmlto" amongst others and I can convert the DocBook 
into XHTML, TXT but not into PDF or PS.

Trying to do so I get the error:

$xmlto --skip-validation pdf My_DocBook.xml
Making portrait pages on USletter paper (8.5inx11in)
XPath error : Undefined variable
$ulink.footnotes != 0
error: file file:///usr/local/share/xsl/docbook/fo/footnote.xsl line 94 
element number
Failed to compile predicate
/usr/local/bin/xmlto: line 379: 17329 Segmentation fault: 11  (core 
/usr/local/share/xmlto/format/docbook/../fo/pdf: Can't open 
/usr/local/share/xmlto/format/docbook/../fo/pdf: No such file or directory

How can I make xmlto work? I used this on a GNU/Linux system with great 
succes and would like to use the same tool since it is very easy and it 
renderes greatly. If not possible how can it be done otherwise.

Best and kind regards,

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