AC97 sound card on 6.1

Gregory Nou gregorynou at
Mon Jun 5 23:00:47 UTC 2006

Dave wrote:
> Hello,
>    I'm atempting to get an integrated AC97 sound card working under 6.1. 
> I know this card works, loading the snd_driver module finds it, but i do 
> not know which actual module works it over. I'd rather not have to load 
> 26 sound modules just the ones i actually need. I've checked 
> /boot/kernel/snd* but didn't find anything AC97 and googling showed that 
> others had asked, but no clear answer. If anyone has this going i'd 
> appreciate hearing about it, and also any difficulties with quality or 
> getting applications going.
> Thanks.
> Dave.

Hi Dave,

I have this :
pcm0: <Avance Logic ALC650 AC97 Codec>

and in my kernel :
# sound device
device          sound
device          snd_via8233

Regarding quality, I had a lot of problems (meaning sound distorsion), 
but it disappeared all a sudden one day, and I don't know why. So now, 
it works really well.



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