OpenOffice install

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Mon Jun 5 07:38:04 PDT 2006

Pete C <bsdneo at> writes:

> Trying to setup openoffice 1.1.5 on a FBSD6.1 box (pkg was added
> during install) and just wondering about where to install what . . .
> there a multiple accounts on the one machine that need access . . . do
> I do a "Local Install" as root (to /usr/local/bin ??? (pls
> confirm/suggest alt)) and then a "Workstation Install" as each user to
> their home dir ? ? ?

On OpenOffice 2, I just do a default install and the program takes
care of the user install on its own.  Back in the old days with
version 1, I think I remember doing what you're describing, but my
memory isn't exactly reliable.  I think the user install just runs
OO's "setup" program anyway.

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